BCL (Shiho Fukuhara / Georg Tremmel) will do “Kitchen Bio Workshop” for Art Synchr more »

Joe Davis is going to have one of his lectures at the Musashino Art University 6th October, 2011, starting at 16.30h. The lecture will be in English, Japanese translation will be available. more »

もうすぐ(でもないか)ハロウィンです。 more »

We are pround and happy to announce the japanese premiere of Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis, a fea more »

Universal artist, grand seigneur of bio-art and ‘Lebenskünstler’ par excellen more »

Or, as Google Translate has it: Bio-art special lectures father, descended to Tamami! Date: September 29 (Thu), 16:30 to 18:00 Location: Tama Art University, Hachioji, Department of Information Design Building 25-205 Here the original japanese and the... more »

うまくできたら、畑の野菜と収穫祭をしたいものです:-) more »


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